I Want to Live Here!!

Growing up in a very small “village” where everybody knew what was cooking for dinner in their neighbor’s house, I miss that closeness now that I’m living in a big city. I think that’s why I enjoy writing stories where … Continue reading

“Counting Spider Legs on the Wall…”

The title above should be sung to the old song by the Statler Brothers, “Counting Flowers on the Wall.” This courtesy of my laughing daughter after I relayed how my morning began. Last night was one of my sleepless nights. … Continue reading

Scrapbooking, Scriptures, and Sofas

A friend got me interested in scrapbooking and my granddaughter helped me understand what a relaxing and creative thing it can be. I don’t have a lot of things ‘yet’ (notice the word yet) to work with as far as … Continue reading

Shampoo, a Mop, and a Sense of Humor!

I love starting my day with a smile and especially with laughter. I remember when some things which happen used to make me frustrated because I was constantly rushing…trying to get to work in time, or to an appointment on … Continue reading

It’s a Fa-La-La Twiddly-Diddly Day!

A week ago yesterday, I had shoulder surgery to repair my rotator cuff and biceps tendon. Surgery was successful. Currently, an immobilizer sling is my constant companion and will be for the next two weeks. I’ve been doing a lot … Continue reading