The Unwelcome Guest – Part 3 – Harvey

We added a new member to our family when my stepson decided to live with us when he turned fourteen. We cleaned out the upstairs room for him and he was really happy to have an “alcove” for his bed. … Continue reading

The Unwelcome Guest – Part Two

The mouse was gone but it wasn’t the unwelcome guest I’m going to tell you about. Life kind of settled for a bit. The one bad thing about this house was the large floor register which heated the rooms. The … Continue reading

The Unwelcome Guest – Part 1

It was a cute little house, just perfect for our family of four, though we never could have imagined the unwelcome guest that would come to live with us. We toured it before renting, delighted at the cute covered front … Continue reading

Why I Choose to Blog

A writer is a writer, even if they blog. A lot of people want to know why I stopped selling my books and writing them. There are many reasons, not just financial ones. First, if I wanted to be under … Continue reading

A Writer’s Prayerful Decision

Through much prayer, this writer has come to a final decision. For the past few years, I’ve struggled with do I or don’t I continue writing. It’s been a long battle with changes in direction and a stretch of nothing … Continue reading