Fight Diabetes with Knowledge

Diabetes is very invasive and destructive to the body. The disease ruins your cardiovascular and renal systems. Diabetes can lead to loss of limbs and painful neuropathy. Even after treatment and medications, the body still struggles to regulate the spiking … Continue reading

Help! I’m a Diabetic!

My name is Carol Ann and I’m a diabetic. I had a diabetes pity party for myself yesterday. I shed a few tears. For the past few months, I’ve pushed aside the reality of my disease. I fell into a … Continue reading

Living Alone with Diabetes Type 2 – Part 2

First Diabetes Self-Help Suggestion After my doctor told me to stop being so strict in checking my blood glucose levels, I decided he thought I was doing so good, there was no reason to worry. It is easy to fall … Continue reading

Advice for Those Living Alone with Diabetes Type 2 – Part I

This morning I sit here with my cup of tea and thoughts about how to give advice to others, who live alone like me, and have been diagnosed with diabetes 2.  I’m not a doctor. I’m not a dietician. I’m … Continue reading

The Diabetes Learning Curve Continues

I haven’t written lately on my learning curve with diabetes. Just about the time I think I have things figured out, my numbers say differently. My morning numbers continued to be higher than they should be, so I began monitoring … Continue reading