My Crazy Cat Chases His Tail

There is nothing quite like being woken from sleep by the antics of my cat Templeton when he chases his tail! Seriously! How can one sleep through that? Not only is he noisy, but he sometimes falls off the bed … Continue reading

When You’re Trying to Work, But the Cats Want Fed

Living with cats is a hoot! Especially when my schedule doesn’t coincide with theirs. I used to feed the felines about 5pm, but then I started back to work part-time (a story for another time). My thought process was to … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from My Dog

Katie, also known as Doodle Dog, graced our lives for twelve years. From a small bundle of fluff with huge paws she grew into a 95 pound beautiful friend with a heart as big as her body. I learned a … Continue reading