James 1:19 Verse of the Week

I’ve chosen James 1:19 as my verse of the week. “…you must be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” This is only part of the scripture verse, but it is the important part. I’ve realized that … Continue reading

God Gives Us Words

The scripture verse God provided for this week comes from Proverbs 16:1. “To man belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the reply of the tongue.” There are so many books for sale for “Dummies.” Everything … Continue reading

Matthew 11:28

This week’s scripture verse is Matthew 11:28. As I get older, I find I tire easier. I need more rest than I used to. Sometimes it is physical, other times mental. I can find myself mentally exhausted when I allow … Continue reading

It’s All About Trust

My word for this year is trust. Sometimes it is hard to do so, when the world bombards us with pain and sorrow. So easy to fall into the trap of trying to understand what is happening and seek answers and … Continue reading

Coloring and Memorizing Scripture

In searching for the scripture to memorize this week, I picked up a coloring book my friend bought me. As I looked through it, the scripture from I Corinthians 16:14 stood out to me. I think it’s a vital verse and reminder … Continue reading