Family is No Longer a Priority

I want to bring back the days when family was important and people had love, respect and compassion for others. Those times when doors didn’t have to be locked and children could play outside without fear, and neighbors cared for other neighbors. … Continue reading

Christmas Tinsel & Rock ‘n Roll Shoes

I remember Christmases in Dutch Hollow as family time. On Christmas Eve, several of my aunts, uncles, and cousins would join us in the house where we lived with my grandparents. The tree was nothing like the thick trees you … Continue reading

Milkweed, Potatoes, and Faith

Looking through my window this morning, I saw the milkweed plant growing in the corner of the garden. This brought a pleasant memory of my mom. When I was young, none of my friends would hold my hand because I … Continue reading

The Old Homestead and a Bad Haircut

When wandering through old pictures, one can actually feel as if they’ve stepped back in time…at least I do. I found this picture which shows me with a horrible bang cut, probably done by Mom. The people are far left, … Continue reading

The Old Cellar Door

Here is the old back yard in all its glory. There were always cats around when I was growing up, which is probably where I attained my respect and love for the furry creatures. This is a picture of Mom … Continue reading