Studebaker? What’s that??

When I lived with my grandparents, my favorite thing to do was play school. My grandmother bought me a chalkboard and I suppose that made me feel like a teacher. No matter who I managed to corral for students, I … Continue reading

5/25/15 – Gramps and Kidlet

My grandfather Gifford fought in World War I. This picture is his picture and the┬ásmall picture in the bubble is his mother and father. From the age of four to eight, I lived with my grandparents. Due to a divorce, … Continue reading

The Day Napoleon Moved In

In the summertime, back in Dutch Hollow, kids would leave their homes after breakfast and not come home until they were hungry, or at the latest just before dusk. The roads were narrow rural blacktop roads and woods surrounded both … Continue reading

In the Good Old Summertime

Growing up in Dutch Hollow is something I wish all kids could experience. Especially in the summertime. We’d eat breakfast and run outside, only coming home when we were hungry…or before dusk. There was always something to do. Sometimes we’d … Continue reading

The Club House and the Cousins

This picture was taken in the kitchen. The tallest guy in the back is Dad. Grandma is in the front. The other people are Dad’s friend, on the extreme left, his wife, some neighbors and that little person peeking from … Continue reading