Why I Choose to Blog

me without a coldA writer is a writer, even if they blog.

A lot of people want to know why I stopped selling my books and writing them. There are many reasons, not just financial ones.

First, if I wanted to be under deadlines imposed by a publisher, under their calendar of when the books would be published, and giving most of the royalties to them, then I might consider publishing. However, I enjoyed much greater freedom from all these constraints when I chose to take control of my own business.

Now I have chosen to work in my church as a secretary, I find my free hours better spent than feeling obligated to produce at least one book a year. I burned myself out on writing fiction, if I’m totally honest. I prefer to write on my blog, where I can speak about real things happening in my life, sharing the heartaches, joys, and humorous tidbits with those who care to read. I love to write and look forward to sitting at my computer and letting the words flow.

There are ideas floating around in my head, which is nothing new, but now the ideas are on the type of blogging I want to do going forward. I love sitting here with a cup of tea, mostly on Wednesday mornings and sharing something inspirational. This is what I know God is calling me to do. I want to share my faith and how God has blessed me to bring hope to our troubled world.

But the deep-seated writer in me wants to do more. So I began thinking about writing human interest type stories to bring awareness to situations in our world that are right in our neighborhoods. I’m not a reporter or journalist and that isn’t what I strive to be. I simply want to share my experiences as I go through this world. This is what I’m working on now, doing research, brainstorming, and outlining. Much as I would do for any book I would write!

As a fiction author, I was a small fish in a huge ocean. As a blogger, I’m still a small fish in a huge ocean, but I’m swimming around and enjoying myself, splashing through the cerulean water and enjoying the warm sunshine. I put no pressure on myself to advertise or to stress about reviews. The only one I answer to is God!

I hope as I begin to share my experiences, you will want to follow me. You can have my blogs sent directly to your email if you like. You’ll find the tools in the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. This won’t cost you a penny! It’s sharing from my heart to yours.




A Writer’s Prayerful Decision

Campfire solitude begets a decision

Through much prayer, this writer has come to a final decision. For the past few years, I’ve struggled with do I or don’t I continue writing.

It’s been a long battle with changes in direction and a stretch of nothing being published because of the internal struggle.

I miss the times I sat beside a campfire in the evening with my hubby while we enjoyed the silence and nature. I find God in nature and peace in the crackling of the fire’s warmth. But I also find Him in the quiet solitude  of prayer. Stay with me for I am about to bare my soul and reveal the reality of this writer’s life.

Writing is not a lucrative career unless one is able to spend big bucks and lots of time advertising. I’m a quiet, introverted person by nature. The idea of pushing  my writing on other people doesn’t appeal to me. I write because it is what I like to do.

Placing words on a blank screen or paper centers my soul. It’s a God-given passion. I began writing at an early age, but didn’t seriously consider publishing anything until 2001, at a time in my life when I had been battered by being downsized out of a day job.

At that time, I took some classes online and the joy of writing returned. My first two books were published as contemporary romantic suspense and through a publisher who wanted to see romance have bedroom scenes. I felt uncomfortable telling people what I wrote! That was the first sign that what I was doing isn’t what God wanted me to do with my gift.

I began writing Christian romance and self-publishing so I didn’t have to conform to a publisher’s guidelines. I could write from the heart and I prayed it was pleasing to God and that it would reach people and leave them with a happy heart and a desire to be a better person.

I loved telling people I wrote books. I loved talking about how God could make good out of bad, when we allow Him to ‘take the wheel.’ As my husband was ill for several years, self-publishing also gave me the freedom to take care of him without being under any pressure to meet a deadline.

Then my husband was called home to live with Jesus. New decisions needed to be made. Did I still want to write? How would I continue to support myself? We were not considered upper class. We didn’t have big insurance policies, nor a savings account with more than 5 figures.

So now I had a house with an outstanding equity loan in addition to my normal living expenses and half of the income. My writing brought in a very small amount of income, but it was enough to almost meet my expenses. Over the next 3-1/2 years, I scaled back on many things. However, my savings account dwindled. I knew I had to make a decision with God’s help.

God continues to provide. He led me to a position working as secretary for my church part-time. I enjoy the mental stimulation, being able to help people, communicate with others, and the change of scenery. The income provides to fill the gap. I am truly blessed.

Writing though has taken an even further backseat. I wasn’t finding the joy in putting my efforts toward publication. Sales dwindled. I knew I had to make a decision. Writing is a business according to the IRS. This year I wound up paying almost half of the income back in taxes. That net is less than most people make in a week.

Another worry has been what will happen when God calls me home? So I’ve been in communication with God about the direction I should take. I love to write. But what I love to write is more inspirational words, not stories. I love blogging. I love writing uplifting posts on Facebook.

This was my aha moment. God gave me a gift and He wants me to use it to bless Him and to shed some light into the darkness of our world. And so, with God’s help, the decision is made.

I am a blogger of words. Those who love what I have to say will continue to follow me here on my website and on Facebook. Perhaps they will find inspiration and a lift for their spirits. And it won’t cost them a cent. Those who only want books to read will continue to find authors who provide. I’d like to think that those who enjoyed my stories will still remain connected.

My heart is happy and I’m moving on in the direction God is showing me. I ask for your prayers and your love. God is good!






Thoughts a Writer’s Mind Holds

Oh, the thoughts a writer’s mind holds! At least this writer.

Throughout my day, I’m given bits and pieces of information that seem to stick in little boxes in my brain. Normally I’m very organized, but when it comes to filing these tidbits, I forget the importance of capturing them on paper for later use.

For instance, I woke this morning, so wonderfully rested from a good night’s rest after a long week’s work, and knew I’d tucked something in my brain I wanted to write about. Like most things I put away for safekeeping, I’m having difficulty finding it.

There are so many situations I encounter in real life that would make great writing material for either a book or a blog. However, the truth of the situation is this: I’m a true seat of the pants writer.

When I sit at the computer to write a blog, I face a blank screen with no idea what I’m going to write. As my fingers touch the keyboard, words began to form. Just like they are right now. It’s the same when I work on my book. If I fail to pull up my manuscript and write something every day, I begin to procrastinate because I begin being analytic. I have no idea what I’m going to write, so I don’t.

However, while I’m going about my normal day, all sorts of things happen and thoughts twist into great plot points and I can’t wait to include it in either a blog or “what happens next.” The problem is letting these great ideas scamper to a spot in my writer’s brain where later they are so well hidden, I can’t locate them.

I wonder if these little bits of information are what come out to play in my dreams at night? Those dreams which seem so scattered and make no sense. It makes me smile to think about little pieces of information with small feet and hands dancing around in my brain when I’m unaware and then scampering back to hide when my conscious brain overpowers the subconscious.

Okay, I went a little bit overboard there in that last paragraph, but that’s how a writer’s brain works. We take a little piece of information, think about it, toss it around, and build scenarios. Those become fodder for situations, characters, and places in our writing. It’s a wonderful time to sit and twist ideas into scenes and watch them take place unfolding like a mind movie. I believe my teachers used to call it daydreaming, and yes, I was that kind of a kid.

I must remember to grab one of those tiny little notebooks like the detectives in old movies carried in their breast pockets. Then I can capture all these random thoughts that pop up when I’m not at the keyboard.

So now I’ve revealed some of how my writer’s brain works. I’m sure there are other writers who are much more organized than I. Writers who can create a plot and follow it exclusively to weave a great story. I’ve tried, but my brain doesn’t work that way. When I try to stick to a stringent plot, my brain reaches a huge stop sign. Behind it is a mountain which cannot be climbed.

I am a seat of the pants writer. I trust in God to provide the direction and only when I become analytical do I begin to fear. Creativity must be given a chance to run free.

And, now, off I go to find that little notebook. Oh, the things a writer’s brain holds!



I Pray for America

What happened to America, the land of the brave and the free?

I believe we’ve carried our freedom too far. We’ve twisted what it was supposed to mean into something that is evil.

At one time the men and women in America worked in fields barely scratching out a living. They worked in factories that were dark and hot with no windows. They worked in coal mines destroying their lungs. In so many different ways our country’s workers gave their best in the worst conditions to take care of their families.

Yet people migrated to our country so they could live the American dream, too.

We were a country others looked up to. A country where Americans embraced hard work, neighbors, and good will. Oh, sure, there were the criminals who sought to grab power. But there were more people who loved God and embraced hard work and loyalty to the land of the free.

Look at us now. We have become a greedy country pushing the poor aside and forgetting about them. It’s all about me, me, me. Forget the neighbors. Forget loyalty. What happened to respect?

Everything has become a competition, but no one wants to lose. And the winners point fingers and act like spoiled bullies. The news media talks about bullying of school children. Where do you think they learned this? The adults in this country have become the biggest bullies of all time. People are screaming their opinions and then hating on those who don’t agree with them. I’ve never seen such disrespect for our Presidents as I have in the past few years.

We are a weak country and we have destroyed ourselves. No wonder we have become targets for terrorists. As I think about the difference in the world since my childhood to now, I cry.

So I am praying for God’s will to be done. I am praying for him to change the hearts of all those in government and all those who have been drawn to the darkness of hatred and bitterness. I pray for our country, for the healing of our land, for the safety of our children. I pray for the United States of America.

As a writer, I don’t usually talk about politics, and that’s not what I want this blog to portray. It’s not just politics. It is people living with a me first attitude. One day we will have to answer for our actions here on earth. It is time to stop, breathe, and be still and listen to God.

Think before we speak, before we act. Pray for God to open our eyes and hearts to the underlying problems we face every day. Let us look in the mirror and see who we are. No matter how far astray we might be, it isn’t too far away to be saved, to be renewed in heart and spirit.

I ask today that you look into the mirror and be truthful. Let’s spread love, not hate. Let’s be a part of a change for good, not a part of destruction.

Let’s make America a land of people who care about more than our own comfort and greed.




Healing Hearts Series

Healing Hearts Series Book 1Healing Hearts is the name of my new series. God gave me the direction for this series quite a few years ago. I have been pushing it aside and writing other books…ie the Havens Creek Series.

Last year I started to write the first book, Katy’s Heart, but it took a totally different direction than what God had asked me to write. And I couldn’t continue. So I put my writing aside and kept waiting for God to lead me in the right direction.

Voices…so many voices…bombarded me, mostly those of Satan. He wanted to deter me from writing. He does not want to see God glorified.

I decided to just rest and wait for God to open my eyes to His will. He spoke to me so loudly through the voices of those who have read my books in the past that I couldn’t mistake His voice! I was called to write and share God’s love for His children through books.

Healing Hearts is a series straight from God. The first book is about Katy. She has something horrible happen that tears her heart in two. It’s a story about forgiveness, not only of someone who has done the perceived worst to us, but forgiveness of self. And how forgiving does not mean forgetting, but in forgiving we find ourselves lifted from the darkness into the light. God at work in our lives. All glory to God.

Honestly, this title of this series was supposed to be another group of women’s stories. Last year I found myself falling back into comfort zone of writing more Christian romance. I think that’s why God stopped being my muse. It was only yesterday when I realized the title and covers I had purchased worked perfectly for the series God had revealed to me over six years ago!

I hope you will enjoy following my journey as I write the Healing Hearts series and I hope you will enjoy the results. Pray along with me as I sit at the computer to write Katy’s Heart.