Be Still and Listen

Be still and listen. These are powerful words. I talk to God throughout my day, and when I pray, I bombard Him with my thoughts and questions. How will I ever hear Him if I don’t ask Him to quiet my thoughts and allow His presence to fill me?

be still and listenFor so long, longer than I can actually pinpoint, I’ve been praying for God’s guidance with my writing. I’ve abused the gift, using it for my own satisfaction. I got caught up in the glamor of saying I’m an author and reading the lovely reviews on my books. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve never gone around flaunting the fact that I’m an author. My hubby used to be my biggest promoter. But I pulled all that self-satisfaction into my being and cherished what I’d done to make people happy. Encouraged, I would write more of the same. And when the desire to do so dwindled, I clung to the practice so as not to disappoint my readers. I lost sight of disappointing God.

God changed my direction several times and last year, my heart did not feel led to write the same kind of book. Girl meets boy, conflict, God takes control, happy ever after. Any author knows writing isn’t easy. And so I felt I’d fallen into a funk. Had writer’s block.

When God leads, He places characters and situations on my heart. That hasn’t happened for a long time.

I continue to pray, but now I’ve been taking time to listen for His voice. God wants me to write. He leads me to write a daily inspirational post on Facebook, and He leads me to blog. To talk about Him. To share Him and how living with Him is a walk in peace and love.

God led me to the secretarial ministry at my church, which has brought me too many blessings to count. He has led me into a deeper study of His Word. Attending Bible Study, reading with more than my eyes, and into a deeper relationship with Him. He is preparing me for something more…to live out the purpose He has for my life. I’m open to embrace it.

He is closing one door, but opening another. Where it leads, only He knows. I will be still and listen. I will follow His call.

Have a blessed day!