Prayer Shawls

I love to crochet and knit almost as much as I love to read! While I’m not an avid television fan, there are some shows or movies which keep me interested. During these “idle” times, crocheting/knitting prayer shawls to bring comfort to others turns into something productive. Our church gives out prayer shawls to those who are in need of comfort and prayer. While we crocheters and knitters do most of our work in our homes, we do meet once a month to share what we’re working on, patterns, advice, and loving conversation. I am not an expert, nor do I know how to create patterns. This blog is for sharing what I’ve created, along with the yarn and patterns used.


A Big Oops in my Knitting!

sugar pie prayer shawl


I’ve neglected posting about my prayer shawl ministry lately. Mostly because it’s been a hot summer and working with yarn is a hot project! I do spend at least an hour or so a week knitting during a weekly Skype session with daughter in Wisconsin. The prayer shawl above is the one I’ve been working on. It’s a pattern I received free from the website Alice’s Embrace

The website is devoted to providing hand-knit and hand-crocheted prayer shawls and lap blankets to those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

I really like the pattern and it is easy to remember since it is a repeat of four rows for the main pattern. BUT, I was busy chatting with my daughter today and somehow I messed up the first five stitches on ONE row and didn’t catch it until later.

And oops


See the problem?


Yeah, and I know if I was a more accomplished knitter, I’d be able to fix this without taking out all those rows. Sigh.

As it is, I will probably have to rip out about 8 rows.

The shawl is going to be very nice. It is knit holding two skeins of yarn together, and being a close knit, it will be a nice warm winter shawl. At this rate it will be winter before it’s finished!

I hadn’t knit in quite a few years since I began crocheting prayer shawls. However, after my shoulder surgery, crochet doesn’t work well for me. The twisting motion makes my bicep (which was torn and repaired) hurt. So I taught myself how to do Portuguese style knitting which requires very little arm involvement and I’m happy to be back to knitting again.

So add me to your prayers that I keep my cool as I destroy over an hour’s knitting work!

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Christmas Gifts

This year I made quite a few gifts for Christmas. All crocheted. I had a lot of fun, but I’m pretty burned out from crocheting and am looking forward to some knitting projects. This year I’m going to try and finish one gift each month so I won’t have to work so hard in the weeks preceding Christmas.

Here are pics of the projects:

I found some patterns for hand warmers (fingerless gloves) and had so much fun making them. The two pics shown on hands were the ones I made for dear friends. They have thumb holes and I love them so much, I need to make a pair for me! My hands get cold when I’m working in my office and these will sure come in handy. The pattern was found on You Tube and I have lost the link, but you can find it if you type in fingerless gloves crochet. The pattern for the first two is from there and it’s a very nice basket weave pattern. You start with a chain of 47. The first row: DC in the 3rd chain from the hook and in each remaining chain. CH2 and turn. Row 3: FPDC in first 5 stitches, BPDC in next 5 stitches, repeat these 10 stitches across row, CH2 and turn. Row 4: BPDC in 5 stitches, FPDC in 5 stitches, repeat these 10 stitches across row, CH2 and turn. Row 5: BPDC in 5 stitches, FPDC in 5 stitches, continue in pattern across row, CH2 and turn. Row 6: FPDC in 5 stitches, BPDC in 5 stitches, continue in pattern across row, CH2 and turn. Repeat rows 3–6 until piece wraps snugly around palm. Fasten off leaving long yarn end. Use the yarn end to sew edges together until you’ve reached 3rd pattern from end. Move yarn to 2nd pattern from end and finish sewing. This leaves a thumb hole.

fingerless gloves2fingerless gloves3








These next fingerless gloves were for my granddaughter and the pattern was in a Leisure Arts book “Beginner’s Guide to Crocodile Stitch.” I love how these made up. They also have a thumb hole and I think they are so cute, especially for teens.

fingerless gloves





I made a hat for my son-in-law. Don’t remember where I found the pattern.






Then I made slippers for my daughter, granddaughter and grandsons. The patterns I purchased after finding them on

snowboot slippers More snowboot slippers shark slippers3 shark slippers2

I also made some ear warmer head bands for granddaughters and daughters. This is just two of themearwarmer headbands.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Crochet!!

pink fingerless glovesgreen fingerless glovesHurray! Now I can share two pictures of some Christmas gifts I have been working on. These are basketweave design crocheted fingerless gloves. I gifted them to two friends today while we shared a lovely Christmas dinner. The stuffed chicken breast I chose was delicious! The food and the camaraderie were wonderful.

I really like these gloves and hope to make some for myself after the first of the year. While I wouldn’t want to wear them in the coldest of weather, they are nice to warm up the hands in milder, but cool, air. I have times when my hands get cold for no reason and these would be ideal to use when I’m having that problem while typing.

The pattern was one I stumbled across on You Tube and if you know how to do front loop and back loop post stitches, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. I used baby yarn, but any sport weight yarn will do.

Also one of the presents I received today was perfect!

crochet books

Happy crafting!

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Bring on the…SNOW?!?!?

Sarah's SlippersMy granddaughter found a picture of these “snow boot” slippers and said she wanted some to keep her feet warm in the dorm. Didn’t take long for my daughter to find the pattern for me.

I had this lovely soft and warm yarn on hand in gray and decided to use it for the slippers. Only when they were in progress did I learn her school colors are….wait for it!….gray and purple!! Of course, I had to find some blingy purple buttons. Hobby Lobby has a good selection.

On cool autumn and cold winter days, I love to sit and either crochet or knit while listening to a book on my Kindle. Occasionally I get up and walk on my treadmill since it has a plug in that plays the book through speakers. Most of the time I read book directly from my Kindle, but when my hands are busy, this is how I “read.”

I can’t describe how relaxing it is to work with yarn. My hubby, bless his soul, used to ask why I would crochet or knit while we watched television. I explained it helped me to relax. Sometimes I work on my project and think about all the blessings in my life. It’s a time to spend with God, especially when I’m working on a prayer shawl.

(The pattern can be purchased from CrochetDreamz. I used Big Twist Yarn purchased from JoAnn Fabrics. You’ll need two skeins as this pattern is worked with two strands of yarn.)

Warm Wishes,

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Watch Out for the Crocodiles!

Donna's SlippersI have been neglecting my blogging for the past couple of months because I’ve been concentrating on the release of my newest book. With the release date behind me now, I need to share some of the fun things I’ve been working on.

My friend’s birthday was in October, and I wanted to make her a warm, snuggly, pair of slippers. I’d seen a pattern a few years ago I wanted to learn. The best place to find patterns is through Ravelry. If you haven’t checked this site out, you can find it at

I found the pattern and purchased it. The new stitch I had to learn was the “crocodile” stitch. You Tube is the best place to search for “how-to’s” and that’s where I went.

The slippers turned out so cute and my friend loved them. The buttons aren’t just for decoration. They can be used to make the slippers tighter around the leg. What fun to make these!

If you are interested in the pattern or other patterns using this unique stitch, check out Bonita Patterns and Yarn.

Happy crocheting!

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