Same old Pattern, New Looks!

aqua and white shawlThis prayer shawl pattern is one I find easy and beautiful when finished. It is from Leisure Arts “The Prayer Shawl Ministry” book. Page 24.

I usually make these in one color but I wanted to see how it would work using two colors. I loved closeup aqua and white prayer shawlthe blue color with the white. So I did twelve rows of blue and six rows of white alternating to the border which I then did in blue. I think it turned out great. In fact when I took it to our women’s meeting at church last Saturday, it was chosen immediately to be given to someone special. I love using my hands to bless others.

The color combination worked so well, I decided to try it on a second shawl with the same pattern. I used a sage green as the main color and added alternating rows of the aqua color and white.DSC03173 The picture doesn’t do it justice as the sage is a gorgeous shade.

But I’m going to give crocheting a rest for a while as I’m learning how to do Portuguese Knitting with classes on

I love this way of knitting. DSC03177The tension is even and I’ve always had a problem with tension. Also, it requires very little arm movement. Mostly it is flicking the thumb to move the yarn into proper position. It is easy and fast, too.

So now I’m going to be searching for some knitted prayer shawls to make. In the mean time, I’m working on a beret for me to wear this winter while learning the technique.

Until next time, happy hooking!

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A Shawl in White

I am able to crochet (or knit) now without shoulder pain. Thank the good Lord for the quick healing from shoulder surgery. After finishing the last two knitted projects, I decided to crochet a few shawls. I went back to my favorite “go to” book: THE PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY published by Leisure Arts showcasing Lion Brand Yarn Homespun. The pattern I used is found on page 24 “Crochet Triangular Shawl”, and it is marked as easy.

I do not use the Homespun yarn. First, it is so expensive it is out of my budget. Instead I use MEDIUM 4 WORSTED WEIGHT YARN. This shawl was made using the Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo (14 oz.). One skein made the complete shawl. You can find this yarn on sale at various stores. I bought this at a local JoAnn’s using coupons.

The pattern is really easy to do. All you need to know how to do is chain, single crochet, and double crochet. The pattern begins at the bottom point and gets progressively wider. The border is done when you reach the length you want and is done continuously without having to cut the yarn. So buying one of these jumbo yarn skeins, you’ll be able to just crochet without having to worry about changing yarns.

Usually I donate my prayer shawls to our church ministry, but I’m giving this one to a friend and member of the church who is suffering with heart failure, diabetes and kidney failure. She has a strong faith and loves God. She has been a great inspiration to many. If you feel led to pray for her and her husband, your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

DSC03162 DSC03163 DSC03164


Knitted Prayer Shawl in Iris ‘with Love’ yarn by Red Heart


Boy, has it been a long time since I updated this blog. When my shoulder went out, I couldn’t do any crocheting or knitting. Had shoulder surgery in March of this year and doctor gave me a full release last week. I tried off and on to work with yarn, but I couldn’t manage more than a few minutes at a time.

I began working on a knitted prayer shawl about the time my shoulder pain became severe, so it has been a long time in the making. So long, in fact, that I lost the pattern! I have searched everywhere and cannot find it. I think it must have been a free pattern on some yarn. Luckily the pattern was easy to pick up and continue when I was able to work again. Sorry I can’t share the actual pattern with you.

The yarn I used was “with Love” by Red Heart. It’s a medium ‘4’ yarn and the color is Iris. I just love the color which doesn’t really show up as good in the pictures. Each end of the shawl has soft points, much like you see on a “ripple” afghan. That took some doing as it wanted to curl so I started it with three rows of knit to keep it from rolling…but then when it came time to end it and bind off, I had to do some serious reworks. But I think it turned out okay.

I’ll be going back to crocheting some triangle shawls for my next few projects. Need to be more productive!

But I’m happy to be back and hope you’ll stop in and check out my future projects.

Happy crocheting or knitting!


Teaching An Old Dog a New Trick

Since just before Thanksgiving, I’ve been suffering from pain in my right arm and shoulder. After seeking a doctor’s help a couple weeks ago, and a resultant MRI, I’ve been diagnosed with a full thickness tear in my rotator cuff and two partial tears. As such, it has become extremely painful to crochet. So I picked up my knitting needles and began working on a new prayer shawl. Hey, I can’t just sit still and do nothing.

Knitting, too, was painful. I’m what is known as a “thrower”. I use my right hand to throw the yarn around the needle for each stitch. What to do? I’m a member of and a class was offered on “continental knitting.” This is a method where the movements are small and the work is done mostly with the left hand controlling the yarn and the index finger of the right hand keeping the stitches moving along the right needle as they are worked. This has taken a bit of practice, but I’m getting better at the method.

The shawl I’m working on is a chevron design and it’s working up very pretty in Red Heart With Love yarn in the color Iris. Can’t wait to show you all a picture.

In the meantime, I’m waiting to hear from an orthopedic surgeon on the next steps.


Basket Weave Prayer Shawl


DSC03087I’ve been negligent in keeping up with my crochet ministry blog! My apologies.

This is the most recent prayer shawl I completed. This is knitted instead of crocheted. The pattern is one I found in a book called “Skinny Scarves” published by Leisure Arts. The pattern is called Basket Weave. I simply increased the number of cast on stitches to make it wide enough for a prayer shawl.

The basket weave pattern was simple to follow but looks so elegant.DSC03088


Currently I am working on another of the Naomi crochet prayer shawls in a pretty pink color. This shawl was requested by my very dear sister-in-heart for someone she knows who is battling with lymphoma. I’ll post pics when it is completed. And I do need to finish the sleeping mat made from plastic bags. It will feel like a real accomplishment when it is completed.

I pray you are all enjoying a peaceful time of prayer and crocheting to bless others.