Pink and Black – A Pretty Combination

pink and black prayer shawlI missed going to my prayer shawl group last month due to a family situation. This Saturday I’ll have two shawls to donate. The blue and cream one included in the previous post and one I just finished utilizing my stash of left-over yarn. Both shawls were creating using the  Sunshine Pattern from Annie’s Attic “Chemo Caps and Wraps” book, page 56, design by Becky Stevens. (Click for pattern)

My cat, Templeton, has to approve every completed project. You can see him checking it out in the picture. LOL!

I love the way pink and black go together. I only had one skein of black, so I decided to do six rows in black and 12 rows in pink, beginning and ending with black. I also tried something different, by using a larger hook to crochet the first six rows and the last six rows. It drapes nicely using this technique.

I’ve set a goal of doing 4 rows daily on the sleeping mat. Some days I have to cut strips and loop them together instead of crocheting. Unbelievable how many bags this is taking! But it will be such a great feeling of accomplishment when it’s finished.

A few days ago, I was writing a scene in my upcoming Christmas novel, and it was so much fun. The scene was set in a church with five ladies conversing at a prayer shawl group. Such different personalities! It is true that you will find something of the author in every book you read. Those who know me will be able to pick up on those little things. In a previous release, JOSHUA’S HOPE, I added a stuffed white dog as a little boy’s favorite toy. My grandson had one just as I described it and he called it “white doggie” just like Joshua did in this novel.

May your hands continue to create comfort for those in need.

Happy crocheting!

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Good intentions fall astray when life tosses a vat of sticky caramel in the path I’m walking. Sorry for neglecting this blog for the past few weeks.

During the past weeks, I did finish an afghan made from granny squares. I chose colors that were in my garden so this winter when I snuggle with it, I’ll have happy pictures of the beautiful flowers God provided this year. The pattern was shared by a Facebook Group from The Crochet Crowd along with video tutorials. There were 10 different square patterns. Two of each square were completed. While I was familiar with many of the stitches, there were some new ones which made interesting designs. The most fun part was doing this along with my daughter and her friend through Skype sessions. I think I’d like to make another of these but add more squares or make larger squares and a bigger border so it fits nicely on my queen size bed. I’d choose shades of lavender, purple, pink, and white.

DSC03081I also completed a cream and navy prayer shawl using the Sunshine Pattern from Annie’s Attic “Chemo Caps and Wraps” book, page 56, design by Becky Stevens. (Click Here)

DSC03079 DSC03082I am making more progress on the sleeping mat for the homeless. Setting a goal of doing at least three rows a day, which is about all I can handle without my wrist hurting too badly. If I stick to this, I should be able to complete it in a month or so.

Of course, I’ve been working on completing the third book in the Havens Creek series. On target for release during the Christmas season 2014. If you haven’t read the first two books there is plenty of time to do so before the next one is released.

Trapped, available in print and ebook formats In God's Time

Hope you are enjoying your summer, or whatever season it is where you live. May God bless your hands and efforts.




All You Need is Love…and a Cat

My dear friend brought me a plaque from a trip to the beach this summer. It says “All you need is love…and a cat.” When she gave it to me she said, “You have both.”

She knows me. She knows my heart. We’ve shared so many things over the years we have been friends. Memories abound, laughter abounds, and we have even shared the fear and angst of our sons being sent to a far off Eastern country during Desert Storm. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and share the same moral values.

Even though she is a dog person and encouraged me to get a dog after my husband’s passing, she understands my love for cats and the quiet and humorous companionship they give me.

I am loved. I have a large, loving family; a large, loving church family; abundant friends and the greatest love of all…the love of Jesus.

“All you need is love…and a cat.” Sounds like a simple statement, but it is so much deeper. And it is so true.

Catching up on my crochet projects…I made an adorable pinafore and diaper cover for my new great granddaughter.

I am working on the last square for the afghan I started the first of this month and also added quite a few rows on the sleeping mat for the homeless. The prayer shawl is almost finished! Having a few projects in progress keeps me from getting bored with crocheting.

Lately I’ve not turned on the television, nor listened to a book on audio, while I’m crocheting. I’m using the quiet time to think about the progress on my latest book. I’m able to step into the other world and picture the scenes I need to edit and add. This is my multi-tasking as of late.

The book I’m currently writing is the third book in the Havens Creek series and will be released in time for Christmas reading. Have you read the first two books yet? Learn more on my Books link at the top of the page.

Trapped, available in print and ebook formats

Wishing you all happy crochet and knit time!



Uh-Oh…Addictive Crochet

Garden Afghan

A dear friend invited me to crochet an afghan with her and she enticed my daughter to do the same. Sounded like fun, so I decided to choose colors which are in my summer garden. There are 20 squares and 10 different patterns. So far I have 10 squares completed, working on number 11. I’m going to use a medium green color to stitch them all together. And then I’ll decide what colors to use in the border…may be all green, too. The idea was to have a nice comfy afghan for the winter months which would remind me of the pretty gardens in spring and summer.

The problem arose when the three of us decided to Skype together once a week to share progress and have a crochet gab fest. This is the first time I’ve ever “skyped.” Must admit it’s FUN!! The problem? These two ladies have always got multiple projects going. Truly, it makes my head spin to see all the beautiful things they make.  And now…I have four projects in the works.

Sleeping Mat for Homeless


I’m still working on the homeless sleeping mat. I do it in shifts of flattening bags, cutting bags, hooking strips together, and crochet. But my hands get sore when I do this too much, thus the afghan was a nice change. That would be okay…two different projects, but…

Blue and Cream "Sunshine" Prayer Shawl


I didn’t want to neglect my prayer shawls. So I started another one using the Sunshine pattern everyone loves so well. This time, though I’m following the pattern and crocheting in both loops instead of just the back loop. I like it the other way better, but this is a change. I’m using some donated yarn in cream and a stash of blue left from another project. Okay, that’s 3….

Dress for Rhyan


And then I decided to go back to Ravelry again and look around at some free patterns to use another stash of yellow baby yarn to make something for my new great granddaughter, Rhyan. I found an adorable dress pattern and couldn’t resist starting it…

And that is how crochet can become addictive. I have vowed not to start another project until at least one of these four is completed!

The summer has been fun with all the crochet projects, Skype, and making progress on the third book in the Havens Creek series which will be released around Thanksgiving. It is a Christmas book and I hope my readers love this book as much as the others and as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

Happy crocheting!



Finished Pineapple Prayer Shawl and Update

Whoa! It’s been a long time since I updated, but I have excuses. Mostly I’ve been busy writing and taking care of four kittens I rescued. Trying to find them a home now. Kittens can be exhausting, especially when I need to keep them contained in one room of the house and away from my three grown and very spoiled cats.

But back to crocheting. I finished the dreaded pineapple prayer shawl. It turned out really pretty, but I still stick to never doing that pattern again. Here are pictures of the finished project. Hope they aren’t too dark to show up. Remember, this was from donated yarn, so it wanted to split. Also not as soft as current yarns today. But after washing and using softener, it turned out pretty good.

Back of Shawl

Points at front on each side

The pattern was worked in one piece. At the neck, I had to start working on one side. Each side ended in four “points” which drape when worn. You can see how they drape in the picture of the front. These pics were taken with the shawl on the back of a kitchen chair. Too hard to take a picture of myself wearing it. One of the perils of living alone!

Front of shawl

Hope you can see how the shawl drapes in the front. It is a pretty shawl, just too difficult of a pattern to do and watch television at the same time. (grin)

I’m now concentrating on making sleeping mats for the homeless in our area. These are made from plastic bags which are cut into strips and looped together to make “plarn.” Working with the material is hard on the wrists and takes a lot longer than crocheting with yarn. Plus there’s the time it takes to find bags, flatten them, and cut them before looping them together into a ball. Anyway here is the beginning of the one I’m making. Currently it’s about twice as long as this picture.

Folded mat - All single crochet with a "N" hook

This is how it looks unfolded

The mat is about 2-3/4 feet wide and will be 6 feet long. However, I may make it around 8 feet and fold over the top, fill it with pieces which have been cut off the tops and bottoms of bags and secure it all around to make a “pillow” at the top. The mat will have straps so it can be rolled, secured and then carried over the shoulder.

I must confess my “office” has a lot of plastic bags stored because it takes about 700 bags for a 6 foot mat!

That is my update for now. Happy crocheting, everyone!