Lovely Blend of Blue, Lavendar and White

Found this yarn at Hobby Lobby and couldn’t resist the blend of colors in “I Love This Yarn” Seaspray Ombre.

It’s been sitting in my yarn stash for a couple months. Finally decided to pull it out and make something. I chose one of my favorite patterns in the Leisure Arts Prayer Shawl Ministry  book. Though the designs are all made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn, I’ve modified the instructions to use Worsted Weight Yarn.

Not sure what kind of border to add yet, but I like the way the colors are blending in this pattern. Will post the final results when I finish.

Yesterday I gave the pretty berry colored prayer shawl to my Weight Watchers Leader. She recently lost one of her twin granddaughters who was born premature. What a good feeling to cover someone in a shawl filled with prayers.

Do you give your shawls personally or donate them to your ministry stash? I do both. Also if you have any favorite patterns to share, please let me know by leaving a comment.

NOTE: In my soon to be released fiction book, the heroine, Beth Middleton, crochets prayer shawls, too.

Comfort Prayer Shawl

This is the most recent prayer shawl I completed. The pattern came from a design by Tammie Godfrey published in Annie’s Attic “Quick-to-Stitch Prayer Shawls.”

I used Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” Color #310 Peacock.

The pattern called for a border on the long edge so it could be folded like a collar. After completing it, I didn’t like the way it looked with the folded collar so I modified the long edge by working a stabilizing row of single crochet followed by a second row of half double crochets.

The other two sides which connect to the point have an edging, too, and I followed the pattern. (See picture to the right.)

I love all the designs in this book and each design includes a prayer to go along with the type of shawl. I plan to type up the prayer and include it with the shawl when I donate it to our Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Cranberry Prayer Shawl for Man or Woman

I am putting the final stitches on a cranberry colored prayer shawl like the blue one I posted a couple months ago. I wanted to make more shawls that would be appropriate for men or women. The length of this one allows the person to wrap themselves comfortably. This is the third I’ve made with this pattern. Last week I added a black one to the prayer shawl stash at church. I am ready to begin working on something new! I ready to go yarn shopping.

Summertime is not my favorite time to work with yarn but colder weather is approaching along with the new tv season. Prime time for creating.

Not sure what I’ll tackle next, but I’ll be sure to share it on this blog.

New Chemo Hat

A friend asked me to make a hat for her aunt who is facing chemo. Her aunt’s favorite color is purple and she’s into “bling.” So here is what I came up with.

My friend provided the materials and the “center” of the flower is actually a purple pendant which is designed to be worn on a necklace. I had to improvise by sewing it on with yarn through the metal loop that would hang on the chain. Other than being heavy, it turned out good, I think. And I heard that the woman who received it really liked it. I’m thinking of making another one out of lighter material, maybe one of the “sparkly” yarns which should appeal to her love for bling…and be a bit cooler for the summer weather.

The pattern was one from Annie’s Attic that I used to make hats this past winter.

"Comfort" prayer shawl

I finished a really nice prayer shawl from the Annie’s Attic Prayer Shawls 2 pattern book. It’s called Comfort and the pattern was written by Belinda “Bendy” Carter. The pattern calls for Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice medium worsted weight, but substituted “I Love This Yarn” which is a Hobby Lobby brand (made in Turkey). This yarn is ideal for me because you never have to search for the beginning end and suffer what my daughter calls “yarn barf.” It doesn’t split and is so soft and easy to work with. It’s my newest favorite yarn.

This pattern was an easy work with every row being the same and all done in variations of half double crochet. I love the way it turned out, so luxurious and flowing. It’s finished size is approximately 27 in. by 70 in. using three complete balls of 7 oz medium worsted weight yarn. You don’t have to make it as long as I did, but I really like the length because it is more versatile.

Here’s a closeup of how the beautiful pattern looks:

Close-up of pattern

Close-up of pattern

It was difficult to show how nice and flowing the pattern is since I didn’t have a model handy. I decided to drape it across the hobby horse. The color here shows brighter than the yarn really is. I used Dark Country Blue yarn.

Folded in half and draped on hobby horse


Here it is folded on the coffee table.

Folded and draped on coffee table


I love this pattern so much, I’m going back to purchase more colors to make others for the prayer shawl ministry. This one would be equally good to give to men or women. Sometimes it’s hard to find a pattern that isn’t too feminine. This one fits the bill perfectly!