Help! I’m a Diabetic!

My name is Carol Ann and I’m a diabetic. I had a diabetes pity party for myself yesterday. I shed a few tears. For the past few months, I’ve pushed aside the reality of my disease. I fell into a … Continue reading

Living Alone with Diabetes Type 2 – Part 2

First Diabetes Self-Help Suggestion After my doctor told me to stop being so strict in checking my blood glucose levels, I decided he thought I was doing so good, there was no reason to worry. It is easy to fall … Continue reading

Advice for Those Living Alone with Diabetes Type 2 – Part I

This morning I sit here with my cup of tea and thoughts about how to give advice to others, who live alone like me, and have been diagnosed with diabetes 2.  I’m not a doctor. I’m not a dietician. I’m … Continue reading

The Diabetes Learning Curve Continues

I haven’t written lately on my learning curve with diabetes. Just about the time I think I have things figured out, my numbers say differently. My morning numbers continued to be higher than they should be, so I began monitoring … Continue reading

It’s Easy to Believe You Don’t Have a Disease

After being diagnosed as a diabetic the end of January, I began researching everything I could to learn about the disease and what I could do to help myself. I went through a period of writing down every morsel of … Continue reading