You are Perfect, Just the Way You Are!

A dear friend has just survived a double mastectomy. Ladies of the church gave her a prayer shawl and we prayed over her before she went into surgery. Thank God the cancer had not spread into her lymph nodes. This … Continue reading

When Did The Change Occur?

Someone warned me long ago, perhaps my mother, that time has a way of sneaking up. Was I young and invinceable? You, bet. Just as my kids are today. My mantra has always been “age is a state of mind.” … Continue reading

Independence Day – I Am Thankful

I am thankful I am able to disagree with some decisions the politicians make for our country. I am thankful I can hoist the flag and sing our national anthem. I am thankful to worship in the church of my … Continue reading

Giving Myself a Kick in the Pants

When I worked full-time, I didn’t realize how much work my hubby put into making our garden areas so beautiful. Now that I’m handling all the work, I’m amazed at all he did. My back is killing me after spraying … Continue reading

Villains Who Continue to Haunt You

Recently I’ve been studying books to help define creating villains you love to hate. Probably the most well-known and remembered contemporary villain is Hallibal Lecter. Just thinking about him sends chills up my spine and raises the hairs on my … Continue reading