Where is Your Undo Button?

Have you ever written something in an email and hit the send button only to wish you could magically snatch it back? Once you’ve committed the act, it’s done. There is no “undo” button. Sometimes in anger we lash out … Continue reading

When One Villain Isn't Enough

Sometimes you need to have two villains. This is true of my most recent manuscript. I wrote the rough draft with one villain, but it just doesn’t quite work. I had to manipulate circumstances which screams “oh, puh-lease!” Thus, the … Continue reading

Friends – Fingerprints Upon Our Soul

Friends come and go, but each touches our lives and leaves a fingerprint on our soul. Sometimes a friend is ripped from our life because of unintended hurt, and the hole remains inside. Memories bring tears of joy in shared … Continue reading

Are You the Weakest Link?

Spoke with my line editor (who is a dear friend) yesterday about writing. She’s a good friend, a fabulous author, and knows her stuff. She’s been reading my latest manuscript and I’ve been anxiously awaiting her feedback. We have this … Continue reading

Behind the Dust Webs

The past two days, I’ve been in a busy cleaning mode. We’re expecting company for the weekend and I needed to clean all the “corners”. You know how it is, right? Everything looks just fine to your hubby, but you … Continue reading