Not My Mother’s Cold

This is not my mother’s cold. Though she would have told me to fix a hot cup of tea with honey which is what I’m now drinking. For the past few days, I’ve been battling against a stuffy head which … Continue reading

Jesus Understands Our Earthly Struggles

This morning I’m thinking about Jesus and how he understands all that I experience. This is a humbling thought. How easily I get caught up in my personal struggles without remembering this. Not just on a surface level, but delving … Continue reading

Revisiting Lighting the Tree

When I first began my career as an author, I wrote Lighting the Tree which my publisher released for Christmas. After a few years, I received my rights back and republished it. This short story has garnered many great reviews … Continue reading

Compassion Is More Than Emotion

My visit to Wisconsin included visiting the church my daughter and son-in-law attend. What an uplifting worship service! The pastor talked about compassion, associating it with action. This really resonated with me. We see many things that make our hearts … Continue reading

Vehicle Maintenance – Yes or No?

So here I sit at my Toyota dealer’s waiting room while my vehicle is getting an oil change and pondering the expense of all the past due maintenance. No, they never informed me prior to this. Total of all is … Continue reading