Rain, Rain, Rainy Days and Surprises

Rain and rainy days are refreshing to me…usually. Rain makes the flowers grow, cleans the air, and give the lawn that pretty green color. After the house officially went on the market with a formal “for sale” sign in the … Continue reading

It’s Amazing How Much Clutter People Can Collect in 33 Years!

Clutter! It’s amazing how much my husband and I collected in the 33 years we spent in our house. He was a saver of all things which might be of use one day. Electric cords, cancelled checks from 1986, and … Continue reading

Life In a Box

Life in a box is how I’ve been living for the past four plus years. So today I decided to revamp my blog and call it “Life After 70.” It inspires me to come to this blog and share my … Continue reading


One should never say never. My hubby and I used to enjoy visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. After he passed, I thought that part of my life had come to an end. Vacations were a thing of the past. Yet … Continue reading

If I Promise God, I’ll Keep My Commitments!

If I promise God, I’ll keep my commitments! This I’ve learned, but so easily have forgotten. Lately, I’ve slipped away from eating healthy foods to control my blood sugar. I’ve gained weight, I don’t have enough energy, and I get … Continue reading