Mine! All Mine! NOT!!!

Children begin early with identifying objects as belonging to them. This continues throughout life as possessions are gathered. In our homes we are surrounded by our (in the late George Carlin’s words) “stuff.” Quite a few years ago our home … Continue reading

The Beauty of Change

It’s another cold and windy November day with a beautiful blue sky. And one huge mound of cotton above my neighbor’s house. Never have I seen a more gorgeous cloud. Looks like something I’d like to jump into and roll … Continue reading

Settling in for a Long, Cold Winter

I love the changing seasons and have never had a desire to move to Florida or Arizona to avoid the winter months in central Ohio. Yes, even winter is a joy to me, despite the days when the snow piles … Continue reading


Welcome to my cyber book launch party! Find a spot and make yourself comfortable. There’s a table with refreshments if you want something to eat. I’ll be giving away six free ebooks during the party, one each hour which will … Continue reading

Baby Steps of Grief

As spring approaches and my mind wanders to the warm, sunny days ahead, I pull out memories of my hubby and his love of fishing. I will miss making a trip to Deer Creek and sitting at his favorite fishing … Continue reading