In the Arms of Jesus

Today I learned that my biopsy was benign. God is so good and I praise Him for answering my prayers and those of all my family and friends who lifted me up. Tonight my hubby and I were talking about … Continue reading

"My Kindle, Our Kindle, His Kindle!"

Winter is a bad time for hubby because of his COPD. The cold, biting temps make it difficult for him to breathe, so most of his time is spent indoors. He doesn’t have any hobbies to keep him occupied as … Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Miracle — and a Free e-book

If, you, like me, are recovering from a delicious Thanksgiving meal, I wish you a day of full recovery. Even though it was just hubby and me this year, I still fixed all the things I would for a huge … Continue reading

Cold Weather Bed Cats

There is absolutely no comfortable way for me to stretch out my legs in the bed most nights now that the weather has turned cold. Both Templeton and Wilbur like to lay at the bottom of the mattress, side by … Continue reading

Mine! All Mine! NOT!!!

Children begin early with identifying objects as belonging to them. This continues throughout life as possessions are gathered. In our homes we are surrounded by our (in the late George Carlin’s words) “stuff.” Quite a few years ago our home … Continue reading