Don't Bad-Mouth Each Other, Friends…

We live in a changing, dynamic world. And we must be strong enough to bend, just like the St. Louis arch. (Picture I took several years ago.) The publishing business is in the midst of a storm brought on by … Continue reading

Deleting Spam

When I logged in to blog this morning, I deleted 51 comments from my spam folder. Just one click of the button and they were gone. I’m bombarded with spam every day. It comes in email, snail mail, through television, … Continue reading

So, Every Year I'm an April Fool

Does anyone else have a spouse like mine who plots the perfect time of day to pull an April Fool’s joke each and every April 1st? I can never think of anything to retaliate or to get him first! Every … Continue reading

Men Do Read Romance Books

My hubby has read all my books and he especially liked the inspirationals. I know he’s biased, but yesterday I received a really sweet note from another male reader who read TRAPPED. He said it was a great book, a … Continue reading

In My Next Life, I'll Be…

When I went upstairs last night hubby was watching a “building” show on television. The topic was working with large stones from what I could gather. Hubby said “This is so interesting! In my next life, I’m going to be … Continue reading