One of Those Mornings Where My Brain is Confused

This morning as I sit here relaxing and drinking my Earl Grey tea, I’m shaking my head at the way the day began. I went downstairs to fill the cat food container, walked into the basement, and opened the trash … Continue reading

The Old Cellar Door

Here is the old back yard in all its glory. There were always cats around when I was growing up, which is probably where I attained my respect and love for the furry creatures. This is a picture of Mom … Continue reading

All You Need is Love…and a Cat

My dear friend brought me a plaque from a trip to the beach this summer. It says “All you need is love…and a cat.” When she gave it to me she said, “You have both.” She knows me. She knows … Continue reading

I Am Who I Am Because…

The Lord gave me a tender heart. I cry over Hallmark commercials, Hallmark movies, seeing a new baby, seeing someone suffering, and for the feral cats who have no homes. Questioning why He has made me this way would be … Continue reading

I Dream of Birds

Once hubby and I would sit on our deck in the spring and summer while enjoying a variety of beautiful birds visiting the feeders. I’ve missed that over the past seven to eight years because of the feral cats we … Continue reading