Morning Epiphany – All Gifts Come from God

This year God blessed me with a part-time job which allowed me to purchase a gift for my grandchildren, so when I visited homes on Christmas Day, I came bearing gifts. My heart was happy to give and I felt … Continue reading

Jesus Understands Our Earthly Struggles

This morning I’m thinking about Jesus and how he understands all that I experience. This is a humbling thought. How easily I get caught up in my personal struggles without remembering this. Not just on a surface level, but delving … Continue reading

Revisiting Lighting the Tree

When I first began my career as an author, I wrote Lighting the Tree which my publisher released for Christmas. After a few years, I received my rights back and republished it. This short story has garnered many great reviews … Continue reading

Appreciating the Blessings

What is a best friend? I don’t thinkĀ  any dictionary can give an accurate definition. When I was a little girl, I had a best friend who lived across the street. We played together, went to Sunday School together, and … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts

This year I made quite a few gifts for Christmas. All crocheted. I had a lot of fun, but I’m pretty burned out from crocheting and am looking forward to some knitting projects. This year I’m going to try and … Continue reading