A Fragile Eggshell

This is a picture of my beloved husband taken in 2008 before he was diagnosed with COPD. He holds my heart and words cannot express how deeply I love him or how deeply he loves me. We are two souls … Continue reading

Yard Work with COPD

Hubby finished trimming the ornamental grass and helped with weeding this section of the garden around the pond. It took us three days, but all the weeding is now complete, and I put down nearly 100 bags of mulch around … Continue reading

Take Time to Refresh Yourself

One thing to remember when you are a caregiver is to take time out for yourself.┬áIn order to remain strong to do what needs to be done, your mind and spirit need to rejuvenate. Sometimes, like today, I have lunch … Continue reading

Love is More than a Valentine Card

Thirty-three years ago, I pledged to love my husband for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. We had great dreams of how we’d spend our later years together, never knowing those years would fall into the sickness … Continue reading

Exercise Therapy for COPD

Hubby began a new six week program at VA geared to help COPD patients through exercise. He meets with several other patients in a room with a therapist where they do warm up exercises, weights, resistance bands, and then exercise … Continue reading