Editing Can be a Joyful Process

Once upon a time, this author despised the editing process. Grueling, boring, time-consuming hours of reading and rereading the same material. Ugh. And then this author decided to self-publish and realized the editing process would require even more grueling, boring, … Continue reading

When One Villain Isn't Enough

Sometimes you need to have two villains. This is true of my most recent manuscript. I wrote the rough draft with one villain, but it just doesn’t quite work. I had to manipulate circumstances which screams “oh, puh-lease!” Thus, the … Continue reading

Music and Writing–It's All About "Hearing"

I love reading. What excitement fills young readers when they can point to a word and actually read it. Children learn to speak before learning to read. Our ears and our tongues are uniquely tuned to each other. We hear, … Continue reading