Stop! In the Name of Love…

Priorities are set in our minds. We decide what is first, what we do now, and what we do later. This morning my cat, Templeton, was in a very “needy” loving mood. He trekked across my lap, across the back … Continue reading

Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Crochet!!

Hurray! Now I can share two pictures of some Christmas gifts I have been working on. These are basketweave design crocheted fingerless gloves. I gifted them to two friends today while we shared a lovely Christmas dinner. The stuffed chicken … Continue reading

The Day Napoleon Moved In

In the summertime, back in Dutch Hollow, kids would leave their homes after breakfast and not come home until they were hungry, or at the latest just before dusk. The roads were narrow rural blacktop roads and woods surrounded both … Continue reading

Social Media??

Social media can become an addiction…or in God’s eyes, an idol. Finding a happy medium can be a daunting task for some. For me, I like keeping up with family and friends on Facebook, sharing inspirational posts and pictures and … Continue reading


Due to my husband’s illness, most of my time is spent inside our comfortable home. Occasionally, I have lunch with a dear friend. Today was one of those days. I’m so grateful to God for putting us in the right … Continue reading