Love Wrapped Just for You!

I love the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Decorating, writing Christmas cards, making presents, planning for the annual family Christmas party…these things fill my heart with happiness! Christmas Eve my family joins me for the candlelight service at church. … Continue reading

"My Kindle, Our Kindle, His Kindle!"

Winter is a bad time for hubby because of his COPD. The cold, biting temps make it difficult for him to breathe, so most of his time is spent indoors. He doesn’t have any hobbies to keep him occupied as … Continue reading

The Universal Language of Love

In reading my Upper Room devotional this morning, I was reminded that God created a universal language. LOVE. It matters not if you understand what another person speaks, what they wear, how they look… It’s our own insecurities that make … Continue reading

The Greatest Gift I've Ever Received

Already I missed my commitment to write something relating to Christmas every day until Christmas. Lately there have been so many pressing family health and financial issues that I’ve been doing a lot of praying for my children and their … Continue reading