Not My Mother’s Cold

This is not my mother’s cold. Though she would have told me to fix a hot cup of tea with honey which is what I’m now drinking. For the past few days, I’ve been battling against a stuffy head which … Continue reading

Morning Epiphany – All Gifts Come from God

This year God blessed me with a part-time job which allowed me to purchase a gift for my grandchildren, so when I visited homes on Christmas Day, I came bearing gifts. My heart was happy to give and I felt … Continue reading

Grateful for the House Filled with Memories

    Enjoying my cup of tea this morning and thinking about how fortunate and gratefulĀ I am. As winter creeps forward, I’ll be warm and comfortable in the house God put me in. I’m grateful for the cup of tea … Continue reading

Vehicle Maintenance – Yes or No?

So here I sit at my Toyota dealer’s waiting room while my vehicle is getting an oil change and pondering the expense of all the past due maintenance. No, they never informed me prior to this. Total of all is … Continue reading

Stepping Out in Faith and Trust

Taking the first steps into 2016, I think of how different it is to welcome a new year with only the company of my cats, though they don’tĀ appear to notice the passing of the old and the beginning of the … Continue reading