I Corinthians 13:13 – The Greatest of These is Love

One of my favorite verses, and probably the most misunderstood verse in the Bible is from 1 Corinthians 13:13. “Three things will last forever – faith, hope and love – and the greatest of these is love.” People are confused … Continue reading

Morning Epiphany – All Gifts Come from God

This year God blessed me with a part-time job which allowed me to purchase a gift for my grandchildren, so when I visited homes on Christmas Day, I came bearing gifts. My heart was happy to give and I felt … Continue reading

When a Loved One Commits Suicide

This picture is one of my favorite memories. My mother had come to visit for the first time after my father passed. The four others in the picture with her are my four birth children. Sometimes I look at this … Continue reading

Hope Abounds If We Look Right

“Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day! I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything’s going my way!” That song popped into my head when I was browsing through old pictures of the back yard when Ron was the … Continue reading

And Then There Was One

Today in Sunday School we were studying John, Chapter 11, the story of Lazarus’ death and how Jesus called him out of the tomb. Some of the questions we discussed touched on our own experiences with death and grief. A … Continue reading