Romans 12:12 – Scripture of the Week

I’ve chosen Romans 12:12 as the Scripture to memorize for this week. It’s a reminder to me to live by daily. We are so blessed to have hope in Jesus. He will never abandon us during the storms of our … Continue reading

Morning Epiphany – All Gifts Come from God

This year God blessed me with a part-time job which allowed me to purchase a gift for my grandchildren, so when I visited homes on Christmas Day, I came bearing gifts. My heart was happy to give and I felt … Continue reading

Jesus Understands Our Earthly Struggles

This morning I’m thinking about Jesus and how he understands all that I experience. This is a humbling thought. How easily I get caught up in my personal struggles without remembering this. Not just on a surface level, but delving … Continue reading

Love in Action Drives Change

Love in action drives change. We hear the word love a lot, but love is not perpetuated by speaking the word, but by our actions. Most of the actions I’m seeing today are about greed and the focus on self. Have … Continue reading

Family is No Longer a Priority

I want to bring back the days when family was important and people had love, respect and compassion for others. Those times when doors didn’t have to be locked and children could play outside without fear, and neighbors cared for other neighbors. … Continue reading