The Old Cellar Door

Here is the old back yard in all its glory. There were always cats around when I was growing up, which is probably where I attained my respect and love for the furry creatures. This is a picture of Mom … Continue reading

Toilet Paper, Oranges and Brooms…What Do These Have in Common?

There are so many things we do that require both hands and we never think about them. Learning to use the left hand hasn’t been easy, but I am getting better. However, have you ever stopped to think about how … Continue reading

Laughing with God

I’ve been plagued with allergies really bad this year, so I dug out my Neti-Pot. You all know what that is, right? It’s this cute little magic lantern looking plastic thing-a-ma-bob…mine is blue…that you fill with distilled water and a … Continue reading