“Counting Spider Legs on the Wall…”

The title above should be sung to the old song by the Statler Brothers, “Counting Flowers on the Wall.” This courtesy of my laughing daughter after I relayed how my morning began. Last night was one of my sleepless nights. … Continue reading

Shampoo, a Mop, and a Sense of Humor!

I love starting my day with a smile and especially with laughter. I remember when some things which happen used to make me frustrated because I was constantly rushing…trying to get to work in time, or to an appointment on … Continue reading

Drops of Healing

In September, the first Thanksgiving without my husband loomed like a dark cloud to pull me into grieving instead of being thankful. I am human and susceptible to Satan. While I would take five steps forward, he was waiting to … Continue reading

A Clean House

There were times when my house was filled with children. Our kids and their friends. Big pots of chili and spaghetti simmered on the stove to feed whoever might hang around for dinner. The house was never uncluttered or perfect, … Continue reading

Sunshine After the Storm

When grief squeezes my heart, there is comfort near. Templeton jumps into my lap and gives me a loving, sympathetic look. He purrs and butts his head into my hand, arm, and chest. When I’m over the tears, he settles … Continue reading