Box of Memories on A Winter Day

As I sip my morning cup of tea, I want to tell you about a box I have. It’s just a small, colorful box with a label of “Our Family,” and filled with pictures. A few days ago, I pulledĀ it … Continue reading

The Smile That Keeps on Giving

There is nothing like a smile! I believe smiling is one of the gifts God gives which we don’t use often enough, nor recognize as a gift. My hubby’s smile is missed everyday. His eyes had a special way of … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Across the Miles

Two of my favorite people…My son, Ken and his wife Teri. This was taken at our family get together July 6, 2014. This year and last year they celebrated the 4th of July in their new home in South Carolina. … Continue reading

Stepping Out in Faith and Trust

Taking the first steps into 2016, I think of how different it is to welcome a new year with only the company of my cats, though they don’tĀ appear to notice the passing of the old and the beginning of the … Continue reading

Love Wrapped Just for You!

I love the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Decorating, writing Christmas cards, making presents, planning for the annual family Christmas party…these things fill my heart with happiness! Christmas Eve my family joins me for the candlelight service at church. … Continue reading