I Want to Live Here!!

Growing up in a very small “village” where everybody knew what was cooking for dinner in their neighbor’s house, I miss that closeness now that I’m living in a big city. I think that’s why I enjoy writing stories where … Continue reading

Milkweed, Potatoes, and Faith

Looking through my window this morning, I saw the milkweed plant growing in the corner of the garden. This brought a pleasant memory of my mom. When I was young, none of my friends would hold my hand because I … Continue reading

A Hug from God

Those who know me, know that I care for a colony of feral cats. The story of how that came to be is on the bio page of my website. Yesterday, one of the sweetest cats, Buffy, wasn’t around. He … Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Miracle — and a Free e-book

If, you, like me, are recovering from a delicious Thanksgiving meal, I wish you a day of full recovery. Even though it was just hubby and me this year, I still fixed all the things I would for a huge … Continue reading