Family is No Longer a Priority

I want to bring back the days when family was important and people had love, respect and compassion for others. Those times when doors didn’t have to be locked and children could play outside without fear, and neighbors cared for other neighbors. … Continue reading

Those Moments When You Learn Something!

Yesterday I was reading I Peter 3, when I ran across a verse which I don’t remember ever “hearing” before, even though I’ve read the Bible through three times. God reveals things in familiar territories, uncovering them like a priceless … Continue reading

Sunday Morning High!

It’s Sunday and I’m so filled with happy song and lifted heart. Going to church to worship and give thanks is the highlight of my week! It’s starts my week right…on a high! I love John Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain … Continue reading

A Wake Up Call with Type 2 Diabetes

Yesterday I took a trip with two dear sisters-in-Christ. We had hoped to see some beautiful leaves, and while we did see some, the dry temperatures have not been conducive to the normal autumn beauty. We shared stories, laughed, caught … Continue reading

Life Passes too Quickly!

Good grief, Charlie Brown! It’s Thursday!! What happened and how did I arrive here so quickly? Why did I wish away the days when I was a little one? Longing for the day when I’d turn sixteen, twenty-one…and then the … Continue reading