I Pray for America

What happened to America, the land of the brave and the free? I believe we’ve carried our freedom too far. We’ve twisted what it was supposed to mean into something that is evil. At one time the men and women … Continue reading

Healing Hearts Series

Healing Hearts is the name of my new series. God gave me the direction for this series quite a few years ago. I have been pushing it aside and writing other books…ie the Havens Creek Series. Last year I started … Continue reading

Celebration of Life

This is one of my favorite pictures of my hubby. It was taken after church next to the wishing well he built without any pattern, except the one he made himself. It was the last thing he was able to … Continue reading

The Nail that Pierced My Foot

I remember walking outside in the evening dusk to talk to my husband and son. The air was warm, a perfect ending to a spring day. Excited to share some news, I hurried out the door and walked to the … Continue reading

God Knows There is a Reason

The first snowfall of winter always fills me with joy. I love watching the flakes coming down, especially when they are large and so close together, my breath catches in awe. I remember how my husband used to shovel the … Continue reading