The Difference Between a Busy Life and a Fulfilled Life

When I retired from my day job, I didn’t have time to think about the change this made in my life. My mother had just passed, my husband was terribly ill, and my job became one of caring for him, … Continue reading

Bring on the…SNOW?!?!?

My granddaughter found a picture of these “snow boot” slippers and said she wanted some to keep her feet warm in the dorm. Didn’t take long for my daughter to find the pattern for me. I had this lovely soft … Continue reading

Same old Pattern, New Looks!

This prayer shawl pattern is one I find easy and beautiful when finished. It is from Leisure Arts “The Prayer Shawl Ministry” book. Page 24. I usually make these in one color but I wanted to see how it would … Continue reading

A Shawl in White

I am able to crochet (or knit) now without shoulder pain. Thank the good Lord for the quick healing from shoulder surgery. After finishing the last two knitted projects, I decided to crochet a few shawls. I went back to … Continue reading

Knitted Prayer Shawl in Iris ‘with Love’ yarn by Red Heart

Boy, has it been a long time since I updated this blog. When my shoulder went out, I couldn’t do any crocheting or knitting. Had shoulder surgery in March of this year and doctor gave me a full release last … Continue reading