Be Still and Listen

Be still and listen. These are powerful words. I talk to God throughout my day, and when I pray, I bombard Him with my thoughts and questions. How will I ever hear Him if I don’t ask Him to quiet … Continue reading

It’s a Fa-La-La Twiddly-Diddly Day!

A week ago yesterday, I had shoulder surgery to repair my rotator cuff and biceps tendon. Surgery was successful. Currently, an immobilizer sling is my constant companion and will be for the next two weeks. I’ve been doing a lot … Continue reading

Do You Hear What I Hear?

In school I was a good student…except for history and geography. These two subjects required a lot of reading…and for me “boring” reading. My eyes read the words, but I couldn’t retain them. I would cram for tests by reading … Continue reading

Settling in for a Long, Cold Winter

I love the changing seasons and have never had a desire to move to Florida or Arizona to avoid the winter months in central Ohio. Yes, even winter is a joy to me, despite the days when the snow piles … Continue reading

Music and Writing–It's All About "Hearing"

I love reading. What excitement fills young readers when they can point to a word and actually read it. Children learn to speak before learning to read. Our ears and our tongues are uniquely tuned to each other. We hear, … Continue reading