The Smile That Keeps on Giving

There is nothing like a smile! I believe smiling is one of the gifts God gives which we don’t use often enough, nor recognize as a gift. My hubby’s smile is missed everyday. His eyes had a special way of … Continue reading

In the Garden with Jesus

In the early sunrise, as I walk in the dew-laden air and gaze at the flowers in my garden, I feel as if I’m walking with Jesus. He talks to me in the beauty of the coneflowers, touches me with … Continue reading

Most of All, Smile

The grief of losing a loved one is not something you “get over” in time. Grief is a personal journey and every person is different and deals with their emotions differently. For me, the past few years have been filled … Continue reading

Shampoo, a Mop, and a Sense of Humor!

I love starting my day with a smile and especially with laughter. I remember when some things which happen used to make me frustrated because I was constantly rushing…trying to get to work in time, or to an appointment on … Continue reading

The Outhouse and the Spider

Lately I’ve been thinking about childhood memories. I moved into Grandma and Grandpa Butler’s house with my parents when I was seven. Having always lived in close suburbs of a city, I’d never been exposed to a outside toilet. This … Continue reading