Editing Can be a Joyful Process

Once upon a time, this author despised the editing process. Grueling, boring, time-consuming hours of reading and rereading the same material. Ugh. And then this author decided to self-publish and realized the editing process would require even more grueling, boring, … Continue reading

God's Word Vaults Across the Sky

This morning I watched the most beautiful shades of pink color the sky as the sun began to rise. The camera lens couldn’t adequately capture the awesome glory. Nor the feeling inside my heart as I kept my eyes on … Continue reading

Do You Hear What I Hear?

In school I was a good student…except for history and geography. These two subjects required a lot of reading…and for me “boring” reading. My eyes read the words, but I couldn’t retain them. I would cram for tests by reading … Continue reading