Why I Choose to Blog

A writer is a writer, even if they blog. A lot of people want to know why I stopped selling my books and writing them. There are many reasons, not just financial ones. First, if I wanted to be under … Continue reading

Be Still and Listen

Be still and listen. These are powerful words. I talk to God throughout my day, and when I pray, I bombard Him with my thoughts and questions. How will I ever hear Him if I don’t ask Him to quiet … Continue reading

Our Plan; His Plan

As a writer, I work hard on planning the outline for my books. First getting to know the characters and their backgrounds, then designing a story around them, and next making the pretty storyboard of scenes. Then I start writing … Continue reading

Are You Deadline Oriented?

Once upon a time I had a lot of time to accomplish tasks. I didn’t really feel rushed when I reported for a nine hour workday…out of the house (yes, I included lunch). I still found time to write my novels, … Continue reading

The Real Me…Oh, Look A Pretty Butterfly!

I’m a writer. I have to tell myself that on a daily basis. On my monitor are the words: “Show up for work on a daily basis!!” I must remind myself that I have a job. That job title is … Continue reading