Where is God?

The trees in my view are glowing this morning! A vivid reddish orange against a blue sky with green, green grass below. I smile as I welcome the day and the gift God has given me. I see Him in the beautiful colors outside my office window. I soak in the warmth of the colors His hands have created.

Some might ask where God is in this chaotic world. I don’t question. I see Him wherever I look. In the beauty of colors of autumn, the beauty in colors of skin, the beauty in the smiles and laughter of children, in the smile of the couple (the husband pushing his wife in a wheelchair) as I assist them into the elevator, the light-hearted conversation we share on the two floor ride upward. I see God in the birth of new babies, and in the deaths of those who are suffering when God calls them to heaven. God is beside me, inside me, behind me, in front of me. He is with me.

And so I bask in the beauty of God’s gifts this morning. I am warmed. I am blessed.

It has been a rather busy week, but one that included a nice lunch with good conversation and laughter with two of my favorite friends. I have to explain that my eyes are ultra sensitive to light, so in bright sunshine, I cannot see or even open my eyes. Thus the completely ridiculous expression on my face! LOL!


And now here are the colors I used to create picures this week!

Artist: Alena Lazareva Book: Christmas Time
Book: Jade Summer Chibi Girls Grayscale


Book: Colouring Heaven Sarah Kay Collection

And now I lift my cup of tea with a smile and wish you all a beautiful day and a beautiful week. Please remember to be kind to yourself and to others. God bless! Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Where is God?

  1. Beautiful and well said Carol Ann. I have been taking note of our awesome color change in my city, on my way to work and back, tooling around for lab work this morning…where God answered prayers for me…that I get in quickly, was able to “go”…hope my sample was enough as I was a bit dehydrated…and that they’d get in and out quickly and not hurt me! LOL…God is SO good to me. I’m glad to have this done for another 4-6 months.
    Waiting gave me the opportunity for prayer and people watching… a pastime of mine when out and about and at work.

    Love your color schemes and this page! Have a blessed day at your spot…


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