Does Laughter Have a Color?

I thought about laughter this morning when I stepped on the peddle to open the garbage can and tossed in an eggshell. Earlier I’d put in an empty paper towel holder, standing it on end. The eggshell landed right on top! It was spontaneous, a little gift from God, a burst of laughter.

Wikipedia defines laughter like this.

As I thought about the gift of laughter, I could think of several ways laughter resides in my life.

  • Spontaneous – Something unexpected that calls forth a quick burst, as it did this morning. I experience this throughout my day, even though no one hears but me and my cats.
  • Deep, Belly Laughs – These occur usually when I’m with family and friends. Reliving memories, experiencing humor through like minds, the antics of children and pets. Whenever this kind of laughter is experienced, it creates a memory that is funny whenever it is recalled.
  • Giggles – My husband was the king of giggles. If something struck him funny, he would begin to giggle and soon everyone around him would join in, the continuity continuing until everyone was crying with mirth. Oh, so many memories of these moments that make me smile today and ease the empty loss of his presence.
  • Happiness – These times of joy bursting from deep inside and erupting into tears. Happy tears leaking from an joyful heart.

I’m sure there are many more, but these are the ones that come to mind in this moment of writing. What color is laughter? It’s the color of joy, and for each person I believe this color is different. To me, laughter is many colored, like an explosion of colorful confetti with lots of sparkle! All the beautiful colors of God’s creation.

Living without seeing colors must be a lonely place to live. I am thankful for the colors God created in this world.

My coloring this week includes two pictures I can’t share until the last day of the month. Two of my daughters join me in coloring the same picture which we share then. I have two because I did one in markers and one in pencils. I also colored some quick pictures in a book called Rose Windows by Creative Haven. When colored they resemble stained glass windows. I’m sharing a work in progress in a book I’ve had since July of 2018.  It’s “The Baker’s Dozen” coloring book. The artist is Wendy Edelson and the story is by Aaron Shepard. My hope is to have the book completed by the end of 2021, if God is willing. Until next time, may God bless you with laughter and many colors!

Book: Rose Windows
Publisher: Creative Haven
Book: Rose Windows
Publisher: Creative Haven
Book: The Baker’s Dozen
Artist: Wendy Edelson
Story: Aaron Shepard