The Quiet Pause Between …

The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is when I take a quiet pause to reflect on the months that have passed and to anticipate the upcoming year. I do not make resolutions. I rarely set goals. What I do is contemplate things I’d like to accomplish and envision how I will go about doing this. I also spend time talking with God as I listen to the word He places on my heart which will be my word for the year. Last year, the word was contentment. Never did I think how important that word would be for 2020!

I have a new Christian Planner where I keep my appointments, reminders about birthdays, and write my weekly sermon notes. I have a journal one of my daughter’s gave me Christmas 2019 which is half filled. I will continue to write in it and will probably have it completed by the end of 2021. I also have a beautiful journal, which I shared with you in a previous blog, another of my daughters gifted me on my birthday in October. That journal has become my give thanks to God journal. I also use it to record scripture that speaks to me, and things I read in books that speak to my heart. I hope to have this filled with at least 1000 gifts from God that I’m thanking Him for.

Life is unpredictable, and we have no idea what lies ahead tomorrow, let alone in 2021. But God wants us to live each day fully and happily, and to shine His Light where ever and whenever we have the opportunity. So I plan to continue posting uplifting and humorous morning posts on Facebook. I don’t have an active social life, so this is the means I use to reach out to others in hopes of brightening their day.

My coloring book stash is quite sufficient, and I plan to continue coloring and improving my skills without putting any specific goals in place. Coloring is my stress reliever and fills the time during the day instead of becoming a television addict! It is a pleasant way to pass the hours and challenge the brain.

Last week was really busy with Christmas preparations and celebrations so I didn’t color too many pictures. I really enjoyed those I completed. This first one I worked on throughout the month. It is colored with glitter gel pens. I can honestly say, I will never again do something like this with glitter pens! I like to use them for embellishments, but not for completing entire pictures. Tee hee!

Advent Calendar from Colouring Heaven “Cutesy Christmas” Issue 68 Illustrator: Rozrysowanamama

The next picture is one done with alcohol markers. I don’t try to blend with alcohol markers. This might be something I try to learn this year, but honestly, I just enjoy straight coloring with markers sometimes. The markers fit my hands well and the coloring time is a lot less than using pencils. I think she is adorable.

Also from Colouring Heaven Issue 68 “Cutesy Christmas” The illlustrator for this picture is Hanna Lynn.

I just love this picture. There are so many cute ones in the Colouring Heaven Issue 68. Lots more left to color for next Christmas!

Another from Colouring Heaven “Cutesy Christmas” issue 68. The Illustrator is Mariola Budek.

This last picture was printed on tan paper, a gift from one of my daughters for Christmas. The picture was illustrated by Christine Karron and is available in her Etsy shop. I love Christine’s work. I also love this paper! The picture printed nicely, and the pencils I used just glided like butter on the page. I added some light green pastel (kind of like mini chalks) for the background, so the tan doesn’t really show. It was so much fun, and I look forward to coloring more pictures on this fantastic paper.

Illustrator: Christine Karron available in her Etsy store.

And that is all I have to talk about today. As you can tell, colors are a big part of my life.  Hasn’t God created a beautiful and colorful world for us? Until next week, may your hearts be full, your tummies be full, your smiles be many, and your love spread where ever you may be.