On the Wings of Time

Another week has come and gone, flying swiftly on the wings of time. Memories drift into a special depository to be used as warmth and comfort on a future day. I cannot control the passing of time, in fact, I cannot control any facet of my life, not really. Each moment, each hour, each day is in the hands of Almighty God. He is the Creator and Ordainer of time. So I smile at this new day, a precious gift, each more treasured with the passing of time.

Today I bask in the blessing of warm air, protecting me from the bitter temperatures outside my home. Snuggled in sweatshirt, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers I live the dream of long ago as my fingers tap, tap, tap words onto the page. No longer the author of fiction, but now the author of reality. Life lived as a widow, as a senior citizen, as a blessed child of God. And I am grateful.

Thursday God opened an appointment for me to receive my first COVID vaccine. I highly recommend that everyone who can, get the vaccine. I had a slightly sore arm the first day, but that disappeared within 24 hours. I am hopeful for a future where the disease is not a pandemic and where we can share loving hugs again.

With Lent quickly approaching, I think about the many times I chose to give up or sacrifice something for Lenten season, not because I fully understood, but because it seemed the right thing to do. Many of my friends, and even family, were relinquishing something during this sacred time. I confess I gave up things (in the past) to try and change a habit to something good. Like eliminating sugar to lose weight, eliminating shopping on Amazon to save money, eliminating chocolate because my mother did and I, too, loved chocolate. But now I realize these were not the things, nor the reasons, I should choose.

So, I’ve been thinking and praying about Lent. One of my daughters gifted me with a box from She Reads Truth. The box contains three books to read/study during Lent. The first book is reading the book of Joshua with reflections and notes at the end of each week. The second book is reading the book of Mark with reflections and notes at the end of each week. There is a devotional booklet to go along with this. The idea of She Reads Truth is to focus on spending time in God’s Word on a daily basis, something I am not faithful in doing. My daughter is giving up her social media platforms for Lent. By “giving up” this time, she is filling it with God’s Word through this study.

On the other hand, I live alone. No interruptions. No one to cook for, to care for, to clean for. Each day is a clean slate with a lot of hours to fill. I don’t have to give up anything to do the study. Unless it is an hour filled with doing little…maybe coloring, diamond painting, or watching learning videos on You Tube. This will not be a true sacrifice. I now believe when one “gives up” something for Lent, it is to allow more time to focus on God and to build a closer relationship with Him. So, this year, I have decided there is nothing to give up. Just plenty of time to fill up. Fill up with God’s Word. My social media platform is Facebook, but I don’t spend hours of my day scrolling and interacting there. Instead I have a morning ministry of sharing something inspirational, something to offer hope in order to show God’s love in action. It is my way of honoring the gift God has given me.

And so, as this week dawns, I reflect back on what my hands created during the past week. I share my colorful journey in pictures that filled some lonely hours.

Book: Colouring Heaven, Issue 49
Illustrator: Christine Karron


Image Illustrator: Mystic Art Mirrors


Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale
Publisher: Jade Summer


Book: Rose Windows
Publisher: Creative Haven
Illustrator: Joel S. Avren

These next three pictures are from a new book. I wanted to have mandalas on black background so I could use my glitter gel pens to color each of them. The book is Nighttime Mandalas illustrated by Kameliya Angelkova.

Book: Nighttime Mandalas
Illustrator: Kameliya Angnelkova


Book: Nighttime Mandalas
Illustrator: Kameliya Angnelkova


Book: Nighttime Mandalas
Illustrator: Kameliya Angnelkova


My dear friends, may your week be filled with laughter and happiness. Remember your happiness does not come from other people, but from inside yourself. Choose happiness over bitterness. God bless…until next time…