Diabetes Issues, Fun Shopping, Laughing, and Added Colors in My life!

Happy Monday! Happy Easter week! This week I’m mostly focused on Jesus, thinking of the price He paid for my salvation. When I really focus on the pain and the humiliation, the terrible violence of the nails He endured, I’m moved to tears. It is hard to watch reenactments and not crumble into a small heap of unworthiness. I cannot focus on the miracle and joy of His resurrection until after the deep, humble, acceptance of the payment He made. He came to serve and to give His body to ransome me. That love is beyond any other love I can imagine.

The week past, I’ve been struggling on identifying the source of my constant feelings of cold. It’s a condition I’ve felt for several years. Since the doctors haven’t been able to tell me why my body temperature is dropping to hypothermic levels, I’ve had to do some research on my own. It seems that Type 2 Diabetes plays a part in lowering metabolism. One of the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy is the feelings of always being cold. It also can cause anemia and cause circulatory issues. Several times when the weather has been in the low 70’s, I’ve been bundled in sweat pants, sweat shirts, heavy socks, gloves, and even under a blanket and wearing a hat, I’m cold. My core body temperature has dropped as low as 94.6.

What to do? I’m keeping my exerciser (called an elliptical trainer) set in front of the living room television. When I get cold, I exercise for 10 minutes. This actually triggers my metabolism and I get comfortably warm. This will last for a while. I do intend to ask the doctor to test my blood to see if I am low on iron, and even run a thyroid test since my mother had thyroid issues. But I’m doing better with trying to control this on my own. Well, not just me, but with the help of God. He is directing my path of research and action.

I had a wonderful week actually. For the past year, I haven’t done any shopping other than a quick run to the grocery store. Wednesday I went to Dollar Tree to pick up a few supplies, and made a visit to Target where I bought a few more needed supplies. Met a friend for lunch after and then traveled to Hobby Lobby. Disappointed they didn’t have the pens I wanted, but I did purchase a book by Phil Robertson. I love listening to his Unashamed podcast where I learn even more about scripture and how it applies to life. I planned to shop at Aldi’s then for my weekly groceries, but when I parked there, I realized I did not have a quarter! Ugh! So instead I headed to the gas station to fill up my tank, and to the Giant Eagle store near me to pick up groceries. I was exhausted when I got home! But also felt so good about being out and about. Maybe the two covid vaccines have helped make me feel God approves my adventures as long as they aren’t extreme!

At Target, I purchased a puzzle. Only 500 pieces, but it is one I thought might be challenging to work. Ha! I tried to work it on a large piece of cardboard on the ottoman while I watched tv. No way were the cats allowing that to happen. Giving up, I placed the pieces back in the box and ordered a puzzle board for the table. It has 4 drawers to hold puzzle pieces and a piece of felt to work the puzzle on and then (adding a blowup tube) you can roll up the puzzle and store it in a bag. The board then can be kept under a sofa. But I am choosing to leave it on the table with the felt to cover the puzzle. Visitors are rare, so it isn’t an inconvenience. I can eat at the breakfast bar.

On Friday I joined my daughter and her small group at Olive Garden for dinner. What a wonderful time I had! The beautiful person sitting on my right side and I had so much fun laughing together. We triggered the entire table to laugh with us! Honestly, I felt like a teenager again. There is something wonderful about sharing time with ladies with a heart for Jesus! I’ll be joining these ladies for the next four weeks on a Bible Study of Esther. Looking forward to that.

I only managed to color two pictures this past week. One I completed while sitting on my front porch! Oh, how wonderful that afternoon was! The sun felt so good, even though it tended to overheat my colored pencils making them very soft since they are wax based!

Here are the colors I added to my life during last week:

This is my puzzle board! It takes up nearly my entire table!
A picture of the puzzle when completed
The puzzle in progress!
This is the picture I colored mostly while sitting on my front porch enjoying the sunshine and listening to a book. It is in Colouring Heaven Issue 72 artist Herb Leonhard.
I had a so much fun coloring this image in Hanna Karlzon’s Magical Dawn coloring book. While I was in Target, I purchased a box of 120 crayons by Crayola. The entire picture was colored with crayons and I felt like a little girl again! Just proves one does not need expensive tools to have fun and color!

And that concludes my picture show for this week’s blog. I wish you all a blessed Easter week and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, your salvation, and the hope we have in Him! May your heart be filled with love and may your fruits be multiplied! Until next week…