The Joy of Easter and New Beginnings

Monday after Easter. The sun is shining brightly. The pear trees are blooming. Jonquils have opened their beautiful faces to smile at the new beginning of spring.

Yesterday was a day of celebration of the resurrection! People saying “Happy Easter!” “He is risen!” “He is risen indeed!” Church was filled with individuals joining their voices in praise and worship. My heart was overflowing with the joy of being alive, being saved, being a child of the King. The sun was also shining, warming the skin of my daughters and me as we sat on the porch together. The small family gathering for a meal after such a long time is exactly what my heart needed. God is so good!

Last week was one where I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Still feeling cold unless I sit in the sunshine. Boo! I also overdid exercise and slightly injured my knee. My mind is so willing to do things that my body doesn’t agree with. Honestly. I need to be focused on moderation.

This day is beautiful and the temperature is climbing. The sun is working its way to the front of the condo and soon my porch will be filled with the warmth of the sun in mid sixty degree weather. Perfect for sitting outdoors and doing something. I think today will be spent in Bible study. Just me and God. And a cup of tea!

The colors in my life last week were mostly in beautiful yellows smiling from neighboring gardens, and the lovely greens of new spring growth. I didn’t complete any coloring pictures, but I do have two works in progress. Seems my mind and my heart are concentrating on the colors of nature as I watch the once dreary landscape come to life. After a long winter, too much isolation due to weather and Covid-19, and lack of communication face to face with friends and family, I am hopeful for a much more robust spring and summer!

The picture I’m sharing is one I colored early in March. It is the one for buddy color-a-long with two of my daughters which we revealed the end of March. Had to smile because each one of us colored the fairy hair the same color of blue! With the name of the page being titled “Strange Kind of Blue” may have been the catalyst. LOL!

May your week be filled with beautiful colors and may your heart be filled with God’s love. Until next time…

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  1. I love checking in on your blog. Your writing and your lifting of spirits lift me and I thank you dear friend. Much love to you Carol Ann.


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