That Little Girl In My Past

Another week has passed. I remember when I was young, my mother would say how quickly time passes as one grows older. I couldn’t imagine it. Each day seemed so long and so full of life! Would I ever grow up? Would I ever be a teenager? Now, here I sit writing this weekly reflection and looking back at my life. That little girl in my past is now only two and a half years from reaching the age of 80.

Now I see the plentitude of ancestors God has given me as a huge blessing: 8 children, 19 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and 1 great great grandchild. That little girl never dreamed I’d one day be the matriarch of such a family. She dreamed of being on stage singing and dancing, a writer of songs, an author, a teacher…someone who would be recognized and loved. Growing up as an only child, when you know you have a brother and sister you don’t see very often can be extremely lonely. A little girl who never knew her father, who gave all for his country before she was a year old.

That little girl would walk to church every Sunday and learn about Jesus. The little community she lived in was considered a “hollow.” City water was a long time coming to the hollow. She grew up pumping water, going to an outdoor toilet in the wee hours, running through the woods searching for arrowheads and living in a pretend world. She spent hours walking along the creek, being alone with her imaginary horse named Spooky. She would make blanket tents, crawl inside and while away the hours reading, escaping into other worlds. Her imagination grew on those long, somewhat lonely days.

In these “golden years,” my imagination can take me places I don’t want to go. I struggle against Satan’s lies telling me I’m still that lonely little girl without anyone to love her. At times, I give in, but then God reminds me I’m so much more. He reminds me of the blessings He has given me throughout the years. Yes, sometimes I have taken a turn off the path He led me on, but God, in His great love, has turned those wrong turns into something good.

So I pull my memories away from the distant past to now. To last week. I bought three new puzzles since I enjoyed working on the last one so much. It has more pieces than the last, but I’m making progress.

I was happy to finish three previous works in progress. This first one I started two Fridays ago. It is from the coloring book “Fairies” by Ruth Sanderson. I wanted to use my oil pencils and see how they worked on these dark grayscale images. I also used a lot of glitter and pearl paint for the background.

This next one was started a couple of weeks ago. It is in the Steampunk Special from Colouring Heaven and the artist is Hannah Lynn. I used both markers and pencils. (note: only 13 pages to go and this will be another completed book for me!)

This next picture is a mandala colored with glitter gel pens. I actually started this picture about three weeks ago while my car was being serviced. I decided to bring the 50 Nightime Mandala coloring book illustrated by Kameliya Angelkova. Not a lot to carry since I used only 5 pens.

I colored another mandala in this book with glitter pens one evening this week while I was watching/listening to a podcast on You Tube by Phil and Jase Robertson in their Unashamed series. I love listening to their Bible Studies and things they encounter in their Christian walks.

This last picture I started on Friday while skyping with my daughter and finished it on Saturday. It was done with alcohol brush markers and Prismacolor Premier pencils. The picture is titled “Nocturnals”, artist Sarah Richter, book from Colouring Heaven titled Creatures of the Night. When I chose this picture to color, I envisioned the owl as a snowy owl. The rest of the colors evolved after the owl was colored. This is my favorite one from this week.

And now, I come to the close of this week’s reflections. I’m still working on losing some of the extra pounds I’ve put on the past three years. My feet, legs, and hips will be thankful as well as my heart. I’m hoping I can also control my blood sugar better and perhaps get off the medication I take for my Type 2 Diabetes. The weight loss is slow. If only I could take it off as fast as I put it on! A new week has dawned and I’m looking forward to seeing what God has waiting in each gift of a new day. Wishing you all a happy week full of blessings and love. Until next time…