Morning Inspirations

April 21 Morning Inspiration

Brrr. Temperature right at freezing with a wind chill 10 degrees colder. This is what I woke up to this morning. I took the picture of the little pine tree to show how it is bent beneath the heavy, wet snowfall. This reminds me of a country song sung by Tanya Tucker years ago “Strong Enough to Bend.” I’m reminded that in the storms of life, we need to be like the trees. As the words of the song say:

“There’s a tree out in the back yard,
That never has been broken by the wind.
And the reason it’s still standin’
It was strong enough to bend.”

Songwriters: Schlitz Donald Alan, Chapman Beth Nielsen

Though this spring day has turned into a winter-like landscape, this will pass. In the wake will be sunshine, flowers, and warmer temperatures. So bend with the changes, and wait for the new spring God will provide. Then stand tall and bloom. Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and a joyful heart!

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