Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – True Peace

Very cold start for an April spring day. A coating of white frost on the ground and 30 degree temperature. I was happy when the sun came out yesterday afternoon and the snow disappeared. I know the sun will return and the temps will rise again. This morning, however, I am very thankful for my furnace to add warmth to my home. Yesterday’s dinner was homemade vegetable soup. Yummy! There is enough for three more dinners, so no cooking until Sunday evening. Best of all, eating the soup adds no points to my daily WW count!

So many things to be thankful about! I’m happy to be alive, happy for a new day, and happy to be giving all thanks to God for His goodness! Blessings abound all around me. All it requires is recognizing them. In my sinful past, I didn’t see all my blessings for what they were. I overlooked them as I desired more, coveted what others had which I didn’t. Satan was having a good time with me, keeping my mind from acknowledging and appreciating what God provided. No peace to be found in my heart then. I thought I was happy most of the time, but it wasn’t true. Only when I renewed my faith and trust in Jesus as my Savior and bowed humbly to thank God for true blessings did I find true peace in my life, in my heart. Lifting my cup of tea with a huge smile and a heart filled with thanksgiving to wish you all a day to be kind to yourself and to give thanks to God for his blessings.