It’s Been an Up and Down Kind of Week!

Good morning! Look at the pretty clouds in the sky. Couldn’t resist taking a picture through my window. There is a frost advisory, but I don’t think it will affect my little area. The sun is already breaking through to warm the day. Yesterday was my grandson’s 21st birthday. I’ve celebrated this milestone for several other grandsons already, and a few more to go. Thank you, Jesus, for your blessings.

What a week! It was cold during the middle of the week, so I spent a quiet week at home bundled in sweat pants and slippers. On Tuesday afternoon our small group met and it was a lovely day. We had a wonderful time discussing the Bible and how we each interpreted the meanings in the scriptures of 1 John 1:8-2:2. Our small group is a women’s group. We share from the heart and there is no judgment, only love. I’m so glad we are able to meet in person again!

Satan has been actively attacking me this week. Oh, how he tries to put negative thoughts in my head, but I’ve been heavily cloaked in the armor of God. Did you know that singing praise songs makes that evil one turn and flee? I have to laugh when I picture him that way! When he grabs me unexpectedly and sprays me with sadness, I just say Jesus and begin to pray. Then I order that nasty deceiver away. So, that has been my week. Fighting the battlefield of the mind. This happens when I spend too much time in my little space alone without hearing another human voice. Looking forward to summer months where I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and visit with neighbors. God fills my porch with so much love, there is no room for Satan to enter.

But, I’ve been busy with puzzles this week. I also started practicing some shading techniques with markers. Another thing I’ve been battling is getting sleepy and dropping off into little naps. I used to crochet or knit while watching television, but since my fingers cramp and lock when I’m holding the hook or needles for any length of time, I’ve given up that hobby. So I started bringing out a small table and coloring while watching tv in the evening. Yes, it can be done! Without further ado, here is what I accomplished this week with my hobbies.

This cute little girl is from Chibi Girls 2 Grayscale. Colored her with markers. Quick and easy.

Finished this puzzle. I didn’t realize when I read the words “perfect snap” on the box, it meant just that. I picked this puzzle up and held it upright and not a single piece let loose! It was truly locked together! I don’t keep puzzles, so I began trying to take it apart. Ha! It took a long time because I had to pull one piece at a time. I got bored and called my brother to keep me company while I dismantled this one.

Later, the evening I finished breaking down the cat puzzle, I began working on this one. It had less pieces and they were a little larger. I completed this by the following evening.

This is the first picture I colored in Damita Victoria “100 Easy Flowers” coloring book. I bought it so I could practice with makers and shading since no shading is provided in the pictures. I like how it turned out.

This is the second picture colored with markers in the Damita Victoria book. I tried to mimic the picture the way it was depicted on the front cover. Not as happy with this one, but practice is all about learning and having fun.

This picture is in Christine Karron’s newest coloring book, Fairies and Fantast 2 Grayscale. I used multiple media tools: Faber Castell pastel pencils, Copic Sketch markers, and Black Widow pencil sets.

In addition, I finished coloring the picture of the month buddy color which cannot be revealed until the 30th, so I’ll include it in the next weekly reflection post. I’m lifting my cup of tea this morning and wishing you all a beautiful Monday. May your hearts be light and may your joy be abundant. Until next time…

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