Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration -Accountability with God

The parable in Matthew 25 about the bags of gold has given me much thought. The three servants were given gold to care for while the master was away. They were given differing amounts according to the ability the had seen in them. Two of the servants invested the money and earned more for the master. But the one given the least buried it to keep it safe. The master was displeased with him because of his choice. This is just the highlight of the parable. So what does that mean for us today?

God gives to each of us differently, but He also gives us opportunities to invest our abilities, finances, intellect, etc. Instead of coveting what another has that we don’t, it is best to remember that nothing belongs to us. All we have belongs to God. One day we will be held accountable for how we handled the opportunities He placed in our lives. We should be serving God with our little or much. We should be sowing seeds to further His Kingdom. We will never be worthy of His grace. Grace is given freely, because Jesus died to atone for our sins and weakness. Lifting my cup of tea as I give thanks for this new day and the opportunities He will place before me. I pray I don’t miss them.