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Morning Inspiration – When Batteries Fail

Rainy spring morning here! I love how the rain turns everything such a luscious shade of green. I can almost feel the color. It hugs me when I stand on the porch surrounded by green and the scent of wet earth. A new day. Life is beautiful.

Yesterday I was reminded of how blessed I am to be living in the place God has planted me for this season of my life. My smoke and carbon monoxide alarm started giving off intermittent loud chirps. I knew that meant the battery needed changing. I have three such alarms in my condo. I thought it was the one in the kitchen. I climbed on my two step kitchen ladder (the only one I own) and I could reach it. As I started to twist it open, the chirp sounded again, but it wasn’t from this unit. It was from the one in the living room on the cathedral ceiling. No way could I reach it.

I walked to my next door neighbor’s door to seek help. He had one of those ladders that fold down and brought it over. He didn’t even hesitate. When I said I needed his help, he stood and asked, “What can I do?” Isn’t this what we all should do? He didn’t stop to think about anything I might be interrupting…how inconvenient helping me would be. I want to be more like him…more like Jesus. When we found out the alarm required a 9-volt battery, I didn’t have one. He said, “I think I have one. Let me check.” And off he went. He didn’t have one either, but that isn’t the point, is it? He was willing to give me what he had that would help me. That’s loving your neighbor. He told me to let him know when I got the battery and he would come and put it up for me.

How can I not shed tears of joy every time I think about the day I walked into this condo and felt God’s arms wrap around me. This is where He wanted me to be. Where I am spending the last season of my earthly life. And I am blessed. Lifting my cup of tea and praying each of you who read this will find the true joy of feeling God’s love in your surroundings, wherever you may be.

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